Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ok SO I blogged about these shoes a few posts back...
And after a long time of debating, I finally bought them..the CARYSSA shoes by Steve Madden.
I am crazy about them, they are SO HOT HOT HOT!!!!
I love the platform, the heel, everything!!
Ok but here is the one thing...I'm a size 8.5
Both the 8.5 and the 8 were too heel was coming out from the back.
So I bought size 7.5...seriously I have NEVER had a 7.5 size shoe ( I don't think lol)...
I hope it doesn't kill my feet because I LOVE THEM!!!!
I read the reviews and a lot of girls said the same thing and that it's because of the high arch
Makes sense right?
It fits me almost perfectly now ...they're just a lil snug in the front
and I think it will stretch to be more comfy
(I also read that it will stretch on some of the reviews)
I just hope it does lol
Do any of you girlies have these pumps?

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  1. I dont have these specific shoes... But as far as pumps go.. I always get them snug when they are new. (a half size down) Because I have never had a pair that doesnt stretch...