Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Wardrobe Essential

Having a Khaki color coat is an essential in every girl's wardrobe
And ofcourse I don't have one
I even got rid of my black one since I had it for so long and it was time
So I MUST invest in both this fall
This Old Navy jacket is perfect for the fall/winter
I love the faux fur collar which is also removable
It also comes in black, but I like this color best
The buttons also make the jacket more chic
It's very Burberry-esque ;)


  1. I'm all about faux fur, even though I live in such a tropical climate. I also NEED a shearling jacket AND boots! I'm crazy.. ha ha ha. Happy Sunday darling.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. HEY HEY LADY!!!! I went to my PO Box yesterday!!! You are the sweetest thing :) thank you so much for the goodie bag! love the stila lipsticks and the eyelashes!!!! XOXO!!!!! Ill tweet about your blog and how sweet you are :)

  3. This one is super cute. I recently bought a coat with a faux fur collar too :)