Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Wish List ;)

I know every girl has their wish list...
Well this is mine and it keeps growing...doesn't yours?!
I'm in LOVE with both these handbags!!
One day...
One day...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pink Sugar

The name alone is yummy...PINK SUGAR!
This perfume is another MUST in every girl's perfume collection
It's so girly, fun, playful, sweet, and just plain YUMMY!
I have to ad it to my collection and I think you should too!
What do you girls think of this perfume?!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I think I might just have to buy this dress

Cute huh?!
I love the sleeves, it's so Vintage looking.
This is my favorite style for a dress and I am crazy about the color too!

What's in my Purse??

YAAAY Finally I got my Neverfull...and it's Never Full lol
I thought I would do a mini what's in my purse post
Cupcake makeup bag
Burberry wallet
Vogue Sunglasses
My Camera
Pink coin purse (my friend got for me from Europe)
Leopard walletsize picture holder

Get your Vitamins Girls

When I was pregnant, my Dr. told me that after having my baby my hair will fall out, but
I didn't think it would be this bad.  OH MY!
Although he did mention it will grow back, it's all just due to the hormones I still wanted to make sure my hair was going to stay healthy and grow lol :)
 So ofcourse I am still taking my prenatal vitamins, but I needed to do more.  I bought a bottle of Bosley hair vitamins that were OK for one bottle, then I came across Biotin from Target. OH MY GOODNESS this little bottle is amazing. I have been recommending it to all my friends and family.  I think every woman should take these vitamins daily. 
It has transformed my hair. I think I will take these vitamins

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mommy On The Goooooooo................

SOOOOO....I started blogging about a month ago and now I see why girls do it...
It's WAAAAAAAAY too much fun!!
I decided this will be a place for me to share my fun fashion finds with everyone
A place where it's about Lara as Lara...
Not Lara as a mom or a wife...something I can play with when husband and baby are asleep ;)
So I've been meaning to do an Outfit of the Day post, but alas having a 7 month old and trying to do this hasn't been easy. So I came across Polyvore...OH MY WHAT FUN!!
I literally found my exact outfit on this site and they even had the little
Hello Kitty lipgloss my sister gave me a while back...I was shocked!!
So here is my "Mommy on the Go" outfit!!
I can run around town with my flats and leggings and be comfortable
and still manage to look fashionable :)
And ofcourse my false lashes...I NEVER leave the house without them!
I promise to do a real outfit of the day post soon!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love this outfit :)

Lara by twinklecherry2 featuring a white bangle
I love everything about this outfit.  I love adding tons of jewelry and always a POP of a different colored cocktail ring. :)

More Makeup Mania

I am VERY loyal to products that I love.  If I like something, I will stick with it for EVER
One of the brands I love is Loreal.
I've been wearing the Loreal Voluminous mascara & Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner for
many, many years!!
I buy two mascaras at a time to make sure I don't run out...
I wear it over my false eyelashes and it blends perfectly.  
The eyeliner is bold, dark, lasts all day, and very easy to apply.
Another one of my favorite brands is Clinique.
I have been using my Clinique face powder (the same color might I ad)
I think for 13 years was the first powder I ever wore and I just stayed with it.
Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is also an amazing face lotion and I have also used it for many, many years.  I've tried different face lotions only because I was looking for something with an SPF, but nothing compared.  It goes on smoothly, doesn't have a scent and it's not too thick.  The only thing is, I wish it had an SPF, but it still doesn't compare to anything else out there.

Makeup Mania

I've been meaning to dedicate a post or 2 about makeup!!
And since I went shopping yesterday, I figured this would be the best time...finally!
Ok, first off...along with shoes, leopard, sparkles, glitter, jewelry, and well clothes lol
I am also obsessed with makeup and to be specific ... lipgloss!!!!
I have been collecting lip products since I was a little girl
I love anything with cute girlie packaging, anything that smells yummy,
And ofcourse it has to have a nice color too heehee ;)

I am more of a lipgloss girl, however lately
 I've been loving HUE by MAC...I also wrote about it in one of my first posts
It's a "Glaze" which I love because it goes on like lipgloss
It's more of a pinky shade which can be worn with or without lipliner
Yesterday I tried on Creme D' Nude which is a "Cremesheen" lipstick wich also goes on smooth like lipgloss and just fell in love with it. Most lipsticks are very dry and matte, but these 2 colors are glossy and just perfect!!
I tried it on without lipliner and loved it.
It's the perfect nude color that I think every girl should own.
Sephora has new lipgloss with a new formula and it actually helps your lips stay hydrated.
 It's so smooth, smells yummy and it's good quality that will last.  I was debating on 3 different shades and ended up with "Baby Doll Pink" which is a light pink color and after wearing it today I must go back and get "Reflex Miami Pink" which is a light pink/all glitter gloss that goes perfectly over "Baby Doll Pink" and I might just have to get the "Shiny Perfect Nude" color too!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy for my new belt!!

I got this belt today from BCBG and I just can't wait to wear it!!
The sparkles are perfect for the upcoming holidays, I think it would be
Perfect with a little black dress or even tights and a long tunic
Or maybe even jeans and a white shirt!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh the sun is in my eyes...

My new Vogue sunglasses :)

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you TOMORROW

You're only a day away...
Is it Tuesday yet? I ordered my Neverfull and I should get it tomorrow!
I am SO excited!!
It is definitely a practical bag for me because I can use it as a purse AND a baby bag!
It's perfect for everyday use because it's so big and ideal for travel!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Venomous Villains

MAC is coming out with a new line
"Venomous Villains"
How FUN!!
The Villains from Disney movies are coming out to play...YAAY!!
Can't wait to try 'em on!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stiletto Madness!!

Hello my name is Lara
And I have a passion for SHOES!!!!
And even more specific...heels & stilettos!
It seems the that the heels are getting higher and higher too!
In fact, I read an article in the LA Times that during hard times (i.e. recession)
The heels of shoes get higher
Seriously, this is no joke...I know it sounds like something I made up, lol
but I actually read it in the fashion section LOL!!
I think every girl should own a pair of black stilettos.
It's like The Little Black Dress
It should be a staple in every girls shoe closet!
They're just so versatile, you can wear them with jeans, tights, capris, skirts and ofcourse a dress!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Leopard...

I told you I love leopard!! ;)
Jessica Simpson is expanding her line of clothes. I own I think about 3 pairs of her shoes and 1 pair of boots. They're always super cute and comfy too!
OK now I am crazy about these all leopard heels...
The girl with the green top has 'em on
Aren't they SO cute?!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Someone stop me (heehee)

Ok these are the boots I bought (but in black) that I wrote about...
But isn't this color adorable too?!
I can't, I just can't!
Must have self control!
Must have self control!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Beautiful Birthday

I love celebrating Birthdays!
I just got an email from Sephora that I can stop by and pick up my
"Beautiful Eyes Kit" for my birthday!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I love boots!! I mean LOVE!!
Every season I invest in a new pair of boots,
but I get so picky when it comes to boots. They have got to be just perfect!
And I always find the perfect pair after searching for a year! (go figure!) 
Last year the hunt began for over the knee boots. I wasn't sure if it was going to be something I would wear a lot, but I loved it on everyone else.
Well....I found them!!
They are the most amazingly perfect black suede over the knee boots
They are just right! They aren't too over the top
which I think is perfect since they are over the knee boots.
I wanted to make sure they didn't look too ummm... PRETTY WOMAN!! ;)
I am SO excited to wear them!!!!!!!!!!
Who says a mommy can't be stylish?!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Style Icon

I just love Brigitte Bardot's style
From her blonde hair, dark eyes with ofcourse false lashes and nude lips to her wonderful outfits!
She set the trend years ago and we just follow it.
She's just gorgeous!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I saw this girl wearing the most adorable printed leggings/tights.
They were black sheer with black designs on was SOO uneblievably cute!!
I wish I could pull of that look...I just might have to try this fall!

All the things I love...

So yeah I've been shopping ;)
I got these adorable leopard shoes from Target! I've seen them at Steve Madden for a while now, but I wanted something all leopard. I didn't like the ones that Steve Madden had because they had the red bow on top! I typically don't buy shoes from Target because they kill my feet, but these were a steal and they're surprisingly comfortable.
OMG this adorable jacket, I got from Forever!
Very Chanel-esque.  I saw it on display and it was their last one, happened to fit perfecty, so ofcourse I HAD to get it!  Would look perfect with pearls! I am so excited to wear this jacket.
Oh these cute playful earrings...
I got them from H&M. I love the giant pink & white pearls.
The gold & silver knots are very similar to Tiffany's.
And ofcourse the fun big aqua and clear rhinestone.
I just love these earrings..super big and fun!