Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Dreemy

I am yet to wear these, but aren't they to die for?
What more could a girl want in a flat!?
These are the ideal shoes for any fashion forward girl who lives in heels.
When I saw them online I knew I just had to have them!! 
Anytime I purchase something new that I am absolutely crazy about
I have to wait for a very special occasion to wear them!
The flats are dipped in rhinestones...ahhhhh ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Right Size ;)

I have read so many articles from stylists and they all 
always repeat one thing.
Purchase the right size!!
Size is just a number, but when you buy something that's too small, 
it looks bad and you don't feel cute.
And every size is different in every store and every brand
so it really has no meaning. It's just a label they stick on the clothing.

My advice is to buy what fits! 
You will see what a world of difference it will make!


I finally found the perfect Leopard Cluth :)
I am so in love with my new clutch.
The leopard print is perfect...
And it's an oversized clutch, so it's super roomy inside.
I can't wait to use it!!