Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Makeup Mania

I've been meaning to dedicate a post or 2 about makeup!!
And since I went shopping yesterday, I figured this would be the best time...finally!
Ok, first off...along with shoes, leopard, sparkles, glitter, jewelry, and well clothes lol
I am also obsessed with makeup and to be specific ... lipgloss!!!!
I have been collecting lip products since I was a little girl
I love anything with cute girlie packaging, anything that smells yummy,
And ofcourse it has to have a nice color too heehee ;)

I am more of a lipgloss girl, however lately
 I've been loving HUE by MAC...I also wrote about it in one of my first posts
It's a "Glaze" which I love because it goes on like lipgloss
It's more of a pinky shade which can be worn with or without lipliner
Yesterday I tried on Creme D' Nude which is a "Cremesheen" lipstick wich also goes on smooth like lipgloss and just fell in love with it. Most lipsticks are very dry and matte, but these 2 colors are glossy and just perfect!!
I tried it on without lipliner and loved it.
It's the perfect nude color that I think every girl should own.
Sephora has new lipgloss with a new formula and it actually helps your lips stay hydrated.
 It's so smooth, smells yummy and it's good quality that will last.  I was debating on 3 different shades and ended up with "Baby Doll Pink" which is a light pink color and after wearing it today I must go back and get "Reflex Miami Pink" which is a light pink/all glitter gloss that goes perfectly over "Baby Doll Pink" and I might just have to get the "Shiny Perfect Nude" color too!!

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